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Twerny is a tournament style twitter application where users can submit tweets, vote on tweets and win awards.

AmpLive Lead Finder

A YouTube API tool for finding businesses that frequently livestream.


Launched in 2014, SumikoTek is a business I co-founded. We sell software that creates mobile friendly websites for small businesses.


Launched in 2012, Demiba was a side project created by myself and a friend. Demiba provided you with the best music listening experience for YouTube by offering high quality radios, libraries, and shared rooms.

Warranty Support Form

An interactive form for submitting warranty claims made for digital lighting manufactuer Solis Tek East Corporation.

Google Maps Region Tool

A web application made for a location based digital advertising product.

Finance Charts

Live finance charts with data from multiple sources.


A real-time MMO game engine made with modern web technologies.